Real Joy Comes with Flow Motivator

According to HBS study, progress in meaningful work is important to work for long term success. When you run there is no dearth of goals. You get to set goals (timing or distance targets). Further, these goals are quantifiable, measurable and time-bound, hence keep you disciplined and accountable. They are not distant and black swan type event i.e. playing in the national team. It makes you push every day. Achieving these targets regularly builds confidence. Even a little aggressive weekday goal of Fartlek (Speedplay), Interval or Tempo run gives you confidence and positive mood for the whole week. It makes you realize that you can exist out of comfort zone.

Sumeet Aggarwal featured in DCCW Newsletter

XFR Founder Sumeet Aggarwal featured in January 2017 edition of DCCW newsletter. Delhi Council for Child Welfare (DCCW)is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established in 1952. The Council first started its work among children who had been displaced, lost or abandoned in the riots surrounding the Partition of India, providing them care. Over the … Continue reading Sumeet Aggarwal featured in DCCW Newsletter

Remember 5 Ups for a healthier you

Principles are like natural laws. Ex: Law of gravity. The fairness, kindness, dignity, charity, integrity, honesty can easily be achieved with what I call as "Mom (Mother) test". Think what my mother would think about me when she learns about my this act, and answer to do a correct thing would emerge. Similarly, there are … Continue reading Remember 5 Ups for a healthier you

Xpress Fitness & Running – Objectives and Activities

Xpress Fitness & Running (XFR) is a group of enthusiasts who have made fitness and running as their passion to enjoy and celebrate life, to avoid injuries, and develop a physical and mental endurance to lead a healthy and happy life while caring for the world and its people by contributing in social causes, helping … Continue reading Xpress Fitness & Running – Objectives and Activities

Xpress Fitness & Running – Transcending from Physical Fitness to Social Fitness

XFR follows its own hierarchy of needs model that starts with Physical fitness (Focus on your target – 10K, Half Marathon, Full or Ultra Marathons, Triathlon, Iron Man, Sports) to Mental fitness (Balance emotions, Achieve work-life balance, perseverance, patience, cool headedness, start living in the moment) to Social Fitness (Share and care, connect before correct, manage group and team dynamics, attain positive attitude, learn to exist as community, do your bit for betterment of society – less privileged ones and environment) and finally Spiritual fitness (Attain complete inner peace and calm, forgiving and giving).

Weight-scale needle not going down with running regime?

We often hear that Running is the best way to burn calories. The weight just falls off once you start running. If that is the case, why is it not working for me? Why am I the only one who seems to not be losing weight with this super exercise? Sound familiar? Even though you feel like you are alone in this, this is the most popular dilemma. Even elite runners have to be conscious of this, and do not lose weight when they are training 90+ miles a week! Feel better now?